I have had the honor of working with Debbie Dickinson for over five years. Her unfailing professionalism, creative inspiration and technical mastery are evident in each project we have worked on together. Her facility with multiple artistic styles and materials result in stunning works of art that make people stop, stare, and touch with appreciation each installation she creates.
I am always delighted to recommend Debbie to clients, knowing that they will come to appreciate her artistry as well as her loving spirit and kindness. When Debbie is finished with a project, clients and coworkers have become friends. Her work is finished on time, on budget, and always with added depth and expression, no matter how simple or complex the project may be.
To see a portfolio of Debbie’s work is a poor substitute for viewing her pieces in person.
Her tile sculptures have a depth and life that is unique to Debbie’s vision and work. From concept to completion, she is a joy to work with and her creations are works of lasting beauty, strength, and artistry.

Leah Martini Puhlman

Debbie did some tile and stone art work for our newly constructed Inn which opened in March of this year. She also did stone art work in our home.
I cannot speak highly enough of her work and her work style. For the Inn, she created a beautiful tile Turkish rug for the heated bath floor in one of the suites. I had shared the theme of the suite with her, and some examples of Turkish ceramic pottery we had at home. She came back to us with three beautiful drawn designs, each one more intricate than the last, and with different price options. It was hard to imagine these designs actually turning into tile work, but the result was even more stunning than I had imagined—right down to the curvy fringe on the rug. People continually 000 and ahhh over this piece.
In the other suite, which has a Native American theme, I asked if she could create a totem pole in the shower room that incorporated elements of our logo. As we were building an ecological Inn, and stone mining is harmful to the environment, I had requested no stone work. As stone was a much better choice for this totem, Debbie got creative and decided to only use recycled stone remnant for this piece, perfectly in keeping with our construction values. Plus, she generated an idea for repeating the totem theme more simply in other parts of the shower room. The work came out beautifully. A local Native artisan was very impressed that Debbie was able to create such authentic, beautiful and respectful work.
In our home, Debbie created what I consider a masterpiece on the 14 foot wall above our fireplace. She listened to us share ideas about natural scenes—trees in winter, birds. She noticed the theme of another piece of art we had in the same room. Her proposal incorporated our desires, and resulted in a work of art that I hardly believe we have in our own house! It is at once serene, cheerful, evokes the natural world, and has beautiful details drawn from the colors, patterns and lines of the materials she used. Debbie is quite an artist.
And, I don’t want to end this letter without expressing what a delight she is to work with on a personal level. Debbie is friendly, warm, open, flexible, fair, responsive, accommodating, thoughtful, fun, and a very good listener. Working with her was a pure delight for me. She has so many gifts to offer the fortunate people who work with her. I cannot recommend her more highly to you.

Kara Black